Installing Trailer

I installed a category I trailer hitch around the small sedan. I bought the hitch online. Every aspect fit perfectly. The provided instruction sheet was excellent. Nobody mods were necessary. The job was remarkably simple. It needed me a few.5 hrs total. For individuals who’ve safety glasses, a torque wrench, as well as other tools, I’d encourage you to definitely certainly take a look.

Warning: Never exceed the tugging capacity ratings from the vehicle.

The First Step: Parts and tools

Picture of Parts and tools

Buy the hitch to fit your vehicle. Several producers offer hitches for a lot of models of car. (I bought a Reese hitch from within my 1996 Honda Social sedan with 150K miles (don’t laugh)).

Unpack the package. Think about the bag of parts. See the instructions. Note the torque specs.

Gather your tools. Safety glasses (to guard how well you see), torque wrench (to make sure the hitch stays attached), hammer and chisel (to eliminate any schmutz inside your vehicle frame), inspection mirror (to make sure the carriage bolts are positioned up right), etc.

One change: For connecting the ends in the hitch for the frame, We used big round washers as opposed to the u-created washers which incorporated the package. I’m not a real mechanical engineer, but my stomach didn’t like the u-created ones. Caveat emptor: deviate within the manufacturer’s recommendations in the own risk.